SQL Server Podcasts

SQL Server Podcasts


I’m fortunate enough to be able to run or walk some of my daily commute. This leaves me with some time to listen to Podcasts – think of them as specialist Radio Shows that you can schedule yourself. Some of them are just about SQL Server.

To listen to a Podcast, you can find them on iTunes if you’re an Apple user, use another app on Android, or you can download them from the individual Podcast Websites. I use a Podcast App on my phone. There are plenty of Podcast Apps available for Android or Apple. I use “Podcast Addict” on Android. This tells me when new episodes  are available, downloads them and queues them for playing later. Some Podcasts follow a regular update schedule, others are a bit more haphazard but I have settled into a routine for my listening.

Here are a few of the Podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I listen to Podcasts on other subjects as well, but I’ll leave those for another post.

With the SQL Data Partners podcast, Carlos and Steve have worked hard to make you feel part of the SQL Community – on the SQL Trail. There’s companero shout-outs each week for people who have left feedback, a “SQL Trail Mix” party at the Pass Summit and even a companero Conference.

There’s been a recent change, and it’s now just Carlos running the show. Each week, Carlog interviews a different guest about specific topics, generally related to SQL Server with the occasional “Life Skills” one thrown in – such as the one on “Imposter Syndrome”. Something that I certainly suffer from.

I’ve had first hand experience of being interviewed by Carlos and he’s really good, checking details on how to pronounce names and putting me at ease, even if I felt a little interrogated at times during the conversation!

Brent Ozar and the team answer questions posed live through an online forum. The podcast starts with five minutes or so about “general stuff”, which can be interesting in itself – hearing about the problems of big City life or visits to far flung places like the “Isle of Man” eases you into the technical content.

There can be repetition from time to time, but that’s fine. Erland Sommerskog’s blog is a useful read, and you do need to hear that you shouldn’t shrink Database files every so often to remember that it’s something that should be done as an exception, not as a rule.

Sometimes, though the answers can be a bit brief, almost without explanation but that’s down to the format of the show and the limited time available.

The Podcast often acts as a springboard for announcing new services from Brent Ozar Unlimited, but that’s understandable. Brent and his team put out so much free content that it’s good to know what they offer that helps pay for it all. It’s all part of learning where our industry is going.

This one’s playing for me every Thursday morning, part of the weekly ritual.


This one’s great too, although it hasn’t seen any updates in a while. Kendra Little answers Technical questions for and about SQL Server DBAs.

As there’s only one subject per episode, Kendra can go into far more detail than “Office Hours” for example.  More like a long conversation with a friend.

Technical questions are addressed together with general questions about work and life as a DBA. There’s a nice bit of humour too.

I’m hoping that new episodes will be added, but if you’re new to it then there’s 54 episodes already. If you’re listening to one a week then that’ll keep you busy for a year!

Browsing through the episode list, I realise that trying to sum this one up is difficult. An enjoyable, easy listen with some great content presented in a conversational way.

There’s a great dynamic between the presenters in SQL Server Radio. They really try to do something a bit different, injecting a bit of humour (sometimes singing too, but don’t let that put you off).

Listening to Podcasts can be like learning by osmosis. It’s rare that I don’t learn anything new from listening. Things that you know get reinforced, new things added. Even topics that you have no need to know right now get an opportunity to slip into your brain for future reference.

I’m sure that I’ve missed a few, please let me know your favourites in the Comments below, or drop me a message.

Thanks for listening!

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